where people, places, and things always look well put together and tastefully composed

Karen Cole, Owner

The decision to hire someone to advise you on what to wear or how to decorate your home is an important one.  KD COLE's mission is to guide you toward choosing flattering and visually appealing methods to present a stylish, confident, and welcoming appearance. 

KD COLE offers a variety of services that combine Karen Cole's passion for creativity with style and personalization.  From the time she was a toddler, Karen loved accessorizing with jewelry, putting together her own outfits, shopping, and making crafts.  As she got a little older, she developed a passion for beautiful interiors, decorating for the holidays, and planning parties.  She can't begin to count how many times her friends, family members, and coworkers have asked for her help in all of those areas.  And she has absolutely loved every second of it! 

When Karen met her husband, Dave, she witnessed first-hand the pride and satisfaction that he experienced while operating his own construction and carpentry business.  Karen has since volunteered her time and skills to collaborate with Dave when renovating his clients' homes.  Dave's top-notch carpentry skills and Karen's decorating abilities have provided complete interior remodeling packages to many happy homeowners.  Karen will now be offering this joint effort with her husband as one of KD COLE's services.  Although Karen is not an interior designer, she is an experienced decorator who can transform your house into the home of your dreams. 

Karen prides herself on working with budgets, knows where to find the best deals, recognizes which items are well-made and look expensive without breaking the bank, and can teach you which products are worth a bigger investment.  She looks forward to specializing her services toward your individual needs. 

Please come back often to read Karen's blog that will soon begin featuring examples of the services offered by KD COLE.