Karen Cole, B.S. Paralegal Studies

Throughout my twenty year career in the legal field, I have noticed a steady need for the implementation of temporary support staff to assist with various projects when employees are on vacation or FMLA and to simply lend a hand when workloads outweigh resources. My experience includes working in various law firms throughout Maine, a corporate legal department, and the Maine Judicial Branch as Deputy Clerk of the District Court.

Establishing a professional relationship with me as a freelance paralegal will allow you to avoid the fees and time associated with staffing agencies. You can communicate your needs directly with me instead of investing countless hours training multiple temporary employees when your needs arise. Together we can develop a clear and consistent understanding of your expectations, preferences, and procedures.

I have not only proven myself to be a reliable and knowledgeable paralegal who can dive into complex litigation and tackle complicated caseloads, but I have also gained a great deal of administrative, managerial, secretarial, and computer skills as well.

Working remotely in my own office offers the flexibility to complete your important projects quickly and efficiently by meeting your deadlines without any interruptions.

I am available after regular business hours to provide you with coverage when your employees are not in the office.

I look forward to working with you!