If your schedule doesn't allow time for you to meet in person, Karen is available to talk with you about how she can help with online purchasing.  She also offers advising sessions by telephone.


As soon as YOU feel like a million bucks, everyone else will notice.  

As John Galliano said, "The joy of dressing is an art."  Karen understands that a variety of things come into play when choosing the right outfit, and it truly does come down to using a creative eye. 

Have you just scheduled an important interview?  Are you starting a new school year?  Is your career going in a different direction?  Or do you just want to add some modern and fashionable items to your existing wardrobe?  Many people over the years have gone to Karen for advice in all of these areas.  She will help you determine which colors and styles are the most flattering on you, how to recognize versatile items, where to find classic and timeless pieces, and how to pull off current trends while always seeking the best quality for the best price.  Even if you need only a little help in an area such as choosing accessories, you have come to the right place. 

Fashion Assistance In Areas Including:

Job Interview and Career Attire, Accessorizing, Seasonal Wardrobing, Business Retreat Ensembles, Vacation/Travel Apparel, Evening Gown and Cocktail Dress Selection, Bridal Parties (Dress and Accessory Consultations)

If you have fashion needs that aren't mentioned above, Karen is always eager to help in any way that she can.