You know how it goes: A holiday or special occasion is approaching.  Quickly.  You're feeling overwhelmed with handling all of the details, and you aren't quite sure where to begin or where you'll find the time to do it all.  The arrival of Pinterest, along with the overachieving hosts who outdo themselves at each event you attend, has left you wondering how you can pull off a party like the ones you've enjoyed as a guest.  Worry no more!  Together we will cover all of the special details that will set the tone for a beautifully decorated and memorable event that people will talk about for years to come. 

Services Offered:

Christmas Tree Set-Up and/or Decorating, Mantle Decorating, Gift Wrapping, Table Settings, Store Window Displays, Birthday Party Decorating, Bridal Shower Decorating, Theme Party Planning and Decorating

This service set is not all-inclusive.  If your holidays and special events require assistance in areas not listed above, KD COLE is interested in hearing how to make the process an easy, beautiful, and enjoyable one for you.