Walking through overcrowded malls, standing in long lines, carrying heavy shopping bags, spending hours online searching website after website, and frantically trying to decide what to purchase doesn't sound like fun?  Karen can handle your shopping needs for you! 

Although she isn't a big fan of keeping secrets, she will always make an exception when it relates to surprising someone with a gift.  There's a lot of pressure to find the perfect present for the people on your shopping list, and Karen will "secretly" take over this process for you.  After providing her with information about the recipient, she will also utilize her own research skills to determine exactly what to buy.  Nobody will ever know that someone else did your shopping for you. 

Karen can also make the annual (and very time consuming) back-to-school shopping spree a breeze for you and your children.  Imagine coming home from work to see your child's new wardrobe already hanging neatly in the closet without having spent hours in stores and fitting rooms.  There's no need to dread this yearly excursion anymore!

Shopping Services:

Secret Shopping, Back-To-School Shopping, Special Event Shopping

This description of services is not all-inclusive.  If you have other shopping needs that aren't provided above, please send a message and let Karen know how she can assist you.